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Consejos para ayudarte a deshacerte de las feas estrías en casa

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Let’s talk about the recipes for the best scrubs for stretch marks, how they work, and which ingredients are the most effective.

The woman in all ages was considered the personification of beauty. It’s no wonder that every woman strives to look perfect. The ladies are ready to go to any procedure to become the owners of a slim figure and velvety skin.

But sadly, many of them forget about the home methods to improve their body. So to get rid of unsightly stretch marks, a stretch mark scrub will help.

Let’s move on to recipes that do not require serious financial investments, but at the same time are capable of providing excellent results.

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Scrub for stretch marks

Stretch marks, or stretch marks, are skin imperfections in the form of light or reddish streaks on the body, as a result of excessive stretching of the skin. Stretch marks often occur after childbirth and severe weight loss, hormonal imbalance, and even injury. Stretch marks do not require treatment and are absolutely safe for health, but women often dream of getting rid of a skin defect using microsurgery or homemade scrubs.

Reasons for the appearance of stretch marks on various parts of the body.

The formation of stretch marks in different parts of the body is due to several factors, but the reasons are the same everywhere:

  • decreased elasticity of the skin;
  • deterioration of blood supply;
  • lack of moisture.

The first stretch marks on the abdomen appear in women, as a rule, during pregnancy. And this is not surprising. The baby grows, the skin stretches rapidly, the hormonal background changes, the structure of the skin also often undergoes changes. After delivery, due to rapid weight loss, the skin is injured. You don’t have time to recover so fast and stretch marks form.

The first stretch marks appear during the gestation period.

Stretch marks appear on the breast due to the enlargement of the breasts due to the milk that has arrived.

Rapid weight gain during pregnancy can lead to stretch marks on the hips and buttocks. Some women, on the other hand, do not gain much weight while carrying a baby, and after giving birth to a baby and beginning to breastfeed, they begin to eat a lot and, as a result of overeating, largely recover.

When stretch marks appear: during pregnancy or after childbirth

Stretch marks can appear both during the gestation period and after childbirth anywhere on the body. But, as a rule, on the abdomen, hips and buttocks, they appear even before childbirth, and on the chest – after the birth of the child. And this is natural. After all, the maximum tension of the skin of the abdomen occurs at the moment when the baby grows in the womb. And excess weight is gained more often during pregnancy. But the breast grows as fast as possible during lactation.

Reasons for the appearance

Throughout our life, our skin undergoes various changes, for example, we grow up to 20 years, during school age and puberty, the growth process accelerates. Stretch marks can be characterized as microtrauma of the skin, ruptures of the subcutaneous tissue.

Stretch marks are different in type: reddish and even purple tones indicate their freshness, a recent appearance, which will help to face them faster and easier. White streaks – old, formed more than a month and sometimes half a year ago; getting rid of them is almost impossible at home, but it is quite possible to reduce their shine.

During pregnancy, the female body changes: the belly grows, the breasts increase. During this period, it is important to protect the skin from stretching and to use creams and oils that prevent stretch marks. The energy loads we use to increase body weight can also cause stretch marks on various parts of the body: on the arms and legs, buttocks and thighs. Stretch marks often appear in men who are carried away by bodybuilding and burden their body and digestive system as much as possible, not allowing the body to rest.

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Rapid growth can be one of the reasons for the appearance of stretch marks even in young skin, but this factor is extremely rare, rather an exception to the rule. Throughout life, weight also changes and its strong fluctuations cause the formation of stretch marks – catchy wavy stripes on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and chest.

By the way, 100% get rid of old stretch marks is a surgical intervention or a course of laser procedures that will help you quickly and permanently get rid of the resulting unsightly stripes on the body.

Cosmetological methods

Before resorting to such methods, you should consult a specialist who will tell you how to correctly remove stretch marks on the abdomen after childbirth. Most methods can be used 2 to 3 months after delivery, when the body normalizes the uterus, vagina, and other internal organs.

It is better to postpone any procedures with special devices until the state of health is fully restored. An examination by a doctor will help determine whether it is possible to start getting rid of stretch marks with medication or with the help of cosmetology procedures.

Effective methods include:

  • Mesotherapy. A cocktail of vitamins, microelements. It is injected subcutaneously. This method is not recommended for women who are breastfeeding. Only after the end of the lactation period can you resort to a similar procedure.
  • Ozone therapy. A mixture of ozone and oxygen is injected under the skin. At the injection site, it improves blood circulation, activates the process of self-healing and rejuvenation of the skin.
  • Wraps up. In beauty salons, they often offer hot or cold wraps. The complex of components of medicinal herbs is the basis for the composition of the preparations that are used for the procedure.
  • Microdermabrasion. During the process, abrasives are used to remove small particles of old keratinized skin. The skin is renewed. Visually, stretch marks diminish, gradually disappear. This effective method is also suitable for nursing mothers. There is a limitation. Women who have undergone the procedure are prohibited from being in direct sunlight or sunbathing for several months.
  • Chemical peeling. This method also relies on removing the keratinized top layer of the skin. What are acids used for? During lactation, this procedure is contraindicated.
  • Massage with the LPG device. A great advantage of this procedure is that it can be done 6 weeks after giving birth. This machine uses vacuum and rollers to target the muscles of the abdomen, thighs and stimulate microcirculation.
  • Laser correction. It is recommended to do it in the cool season, in autumn or winter, since after the procedure it is contraindicated to sunbathe and be exposed to direct sunlight. You can resort to this method no earlier than 180 days after the birth of the child. The method is based on laser removal of the affected skin areas, which are simply «burned». A new and smooth skin is formed.
  • Plastic operation. As a remedy for stretch marks that have appeared on the abdomen after childbirth, abdominoplasty is recommended in especially difficult cases. This method is known as direct surgery. It should only be performed in a medical clinic that specializes in plastic surgery and has highly qualified specialists on staff. When breastfeeding, you can resort to this method after cessation of breastfeeding. When feeding a baby with artificial formulas, for the mother, it must be at least 6 months after delivery before the operation begins.